Saturday, August 11, 2012

Luray Caverns...What will you discover?

Every summer since we moved here I've been seeing commercials for Luray Caverns. They were very enticing because they are one place I've been dying to visit. In our efforts to get as many things done before baby #2 came we went in August.

The caverns were spectacular! We were amazed at how large this underground cavern actually was. We arrived at the site and all that's there is grass and a visitor center. You enter the cavern by descending some stairs which are located inside the visitor center. It's very unassuming. The walking path that we followed is 1 1/4 miles long and Macy walked the entire thing all by herself!

Look at the size of this one! That's me and Macy.
 This is an actual working organ. The man who built it spent 30 years perfecting the sound. It plays on the actual stalagmites and each one plays a different note. It was very cool sounding and Macy's favorite part. She kept asking for more music.

Afterwards, Macy was able to talk her dad into letting her try the little tots rope course. She wasn't too thrilled with the harness they put on her but was still willing to try the course.

However, once they put the teether on her that connected her to the course she started screaming and didn't want to try it anymore.

It looked like a really fun little course. I know she would have done it if she could only hold our hand instead of being tethered up. She loves walking along curbs and little walls just like this course had.

The man working there was very kind and let Ja try the adult ropes course without having to pay the additional charge. Ja said it was awesome and he could have stayed up there for a long time. Wouldn't that be awesome to have in your backyard?

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