Monday, August 27, 2012

Macy meets Baby Sister

Macy was very excited to meet her new sister however when she saw me at the hospital she was nervous and clung to Ja. After a second she realized it was me despite the gown and IV and hospital gadgets.

She gravitated toward Anna and wanted to hold her, read her stories, and give her the present she picked out. I think I can say that Macy also instantly loved Anna too. She was so sweet to Anna and has been ever since. My favorite part was Macy reading books to Anna. How sweet is that?!

Macy was also super excited to open Anna's present and wanted Anna to hold the rattles right away. That was a great idea my friend Chelsey gave to me. I've heard of the baby giving presents to the older kids but I thought it was cute to have Macy pick out a toy for the baby.

After that Macy wanted the baby to be close to her and grew protective of her when visitors would hold Anna.

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