Monday, August 27, 2012

Bringing Home Baby

I was very nervous about Macy's reaction to having Anna at home with us. Macy loves playing with babies and loved Anna at the hospital but how would she be at home?

Well, like always Macy proved me wrong. She has not been jealous at all and wants to do everything she can to help me. She only gets mad when Anna can't be by her side. Macy doesn't like it when Anna needs to sleep in the bassinet.

These two girls are best friends already. Macy adores her little sister and loves to cuddle up to her in bed. She is generally very gentle with her. Anytime Macy is awake she wants Anna to be awake to play so we are working on not bothering baby if she's asleep.
Binkie Buddies
So sweet! I love that Macy is holding Anna's hand.
Macy reliving her glory days in the infant car seat.
Coming home! She's so tiny in that huge car seat!
Cute little body!
Macy is such a great big sister!
Reading stories together.
Macy LOVES her sister.
I asked Macy to say "cheese" so she put her finger in her nose instead. 


Book Dragon said...

wonderful! My favorite is Anna sleeping on Macy

Chelsey said...

Wow, you have done some serious blogging, especially considering your new-newborn! Way to go. Anna is a doll and Macy is so darn funny. I love the picture of Anna laying on Macy. So precious!