Friday, August 24, 2012

Picnic at Gravely Point

We went on a family date with friends and had a picnic at Gravely Point. It's the park right next to Reagan airport and the planes will land and fly right over your head. It's incredible how close they seem. But since they are very close they are also very loud. I took Macy to this park just a couple of weeks ago but the planes were taking off towards the park and that wasn't as loud. Apparently the landing planes were a little scary for her because every time one came she ran up and jumped in my lap. She made me hold her until the plane was over us.

Eventually we were able to talk her into hugging her friend instead of kicking my uncomfortable pregnant belly. 
 Ollie wanted to join in too.

Hugging turned into a dog pile.

Dog pile turned into yoga.

 No need to plug your ears- just fold them over.

Lastly, they ducked and covered.
 The kids had a great time running around on the field (and daddies too) singing, dancing, and throwing balls. We had a great last family date for awhile!

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