Saturday, April 9, 2011

Best Kept Secret in D.C.

Kenwood Neighborhood in Bethesda. The whole neighborhood is lined with pink cherry blossom trees. It's amazing and beautiful. It looked like it was snowing pink. The trees cover the streets and provide a pretty pink canopy. Now these pictures are terrible because I didn't get out of the car but I think it gives a good idea. Thanks Janae for sharing!


tiffanybaer said...

My mom and I just drove by today and it was beautiful! Addie kept asking if she could take pictures of all the beautiful trees :) Thanks for recommending this find....I have to say I too might make this my go to place for cherry blossom season rather than trekking it downtown.

Kelly said...

You should have gone to the Cherry Blossom festival. It is one of my favorite things about DC. As well as the kite festival!!! I can tell you when all the fun stuff is. Baltimore has a water festival every other year. that is a blast too!