Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Love OxiClean!

I pulled out a brand new shirt (as in I've never worn it) from the dryer and there were weird blue marks all over it! It looked like it could be ink, but nothing else in that load had any marks. I decided to soak the shirt in an OxiClean solution for a few hours to hopefully save my shirt. Since it was already ruined it couldn't get any worse. Mind you, it had already been through the dryer, but the stains came out! I'm so excited! I now have a solution to all my stained clothes. And Macy's too. I wish I figured this out about OxiClean in the beginning of her life. 

I've put some in the wash and nothing happened, but it really works when you soak the clothes. It's a great buy.

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tiffanybaer said...

Thanks for sharing! I really need this in my life right now so I will go buy some asap!