Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mommy and Me trip to California

My dad had surgery on his shoulder so he is at home recuperating. My parents hadn't seen Macy in a few months so I thought it would be perfect timing so visit while my dad needed company. Jonathan stayed home because, well, someone has to make the money. Macy and I had a fun Mom and daughter trip.

My flight to California was delayed for an hour. Macy had no clue anything was wrong. She had fun climbing on the airport seats, playing hide and go seek with someone, and getting her dirty little fingerprints all over the large windows.

Once we boarded I was pleasantly surprised that no one else was sitting in our row. Having three seats to play on would seem like enough, but it's not for Macy. She is only happy when walking up and down the aisles and in the back with the flight attendants. Thank goodness I had the nicest flight attendant ever in the back with us. She became such good pals with Macy; at one point Macy wanted the lady to hold her bag of food. Then Macy wanted her to take the food out of the bag and put it into Macy's mouth. She was so nice and let us play in the back of the plane with her. This made the whole flight so much easier. Macy only cried while the "fasten your safety belt" sign was on.

(On a funny side note, here is a picture of my stroller tag. I even spelled out my last name for her.)

We were very tired once we landed since it was 12:30 a.m. for us. Of course, Macy did not sleep a wink on the plane. We went right to sleep (Macy was asleep within 3 seconds of being in the car).

We had a great time at my parents. I learned: 

Macy asleep after a walk. The street sweeper drove by and she didn't budge!

  • Macy takes a little while to warm up to new people that come into my parents house. Especially men with beards. My Uncle Mike just looked at her and she cried. Uncle Mike wasn't too offended- he said I did the same thing when I was a baby. If we were at someone else's house she was totally fine with new people.  
  • Macy loves playing with doggie water dishes and doesn't hesitate to lick her fingers after they've been in in the bowl. 
  • Macy is still afraid of my parents super old dog Pepper. It took Macy almost a week to get enough courage to touch the dog who hardly even moves. It was so funny to watch Macy try to slowly side step to a toy that was by Pepper.
  • Macy playing with wood chips and flowers with Grandpa. Yes she's in pajamas, it was bedtime but I let her have one more play outside. 
  • Macy LOVES to be outside. I sort of knew this before, but we were able to be outside everyday whereas in Virginia we can't because it's still a little cold. Now I'm glad we don't have direct access to outside. Macy was always begging to go outside by scratching the front door because she knew in just one step she could be playing with wood chips and tearing apart my moms flowers. 
      At Yorba Regional Park. Just after this picture she tired to walk with the ducks into the water.
  • Macy loves to put little rocks into a bucket. My dad came up with this game while he was playing outside with Macy. She would grab rocks put a few in a bucket, take them out, put them back in again. 
  • Macy loves to wear things around her neck. She found this red ribbon and loved to wear it like a scarf. She also liked to put it on other's heads and necks. She found a keychain lanyard she liked to wear around too. 
      Macy and her red ribbon. See how happy she is?
  • Macy loves to take records out of the cases and step on them. 
      Grandpa is nice enough to let her play with the records.
  • My parents neighbor has an enormous dog that Macy could easily ride. Call it werid, but I had to take a picture of the thing. 
      The guy is tall and the dog's head is at his waist.
  • Macy likes being a spectator at Jill's soccer game but she loved being a concession worker even more. 
  • She's not the type to sit around and do nothing.
    She was selling water to the fans.
  • Macy now likes to hold your finger when you walk with her. It's so sweet.
  • Macy and Aunt Jill out shopping
  • She can sit still and smile for a picture.
  • Macy with Papa
  • Macy loves to take food cans out of Granny Dot's pantry and would do it all night if you let her.
  • Unfortunately she discovered this as we were trying to leave.
  • Macy likes to put the doll's binkie in its mouth.

  • Jill has a great friend (Will) who dressed up as Mario for a school dance. He doesn't even go to Jill's school. They were Mario and Princess Peach. 

  • Macy loves waterfalls and fountains and will try her hardest to climb into them. We went to Irvine Regional Park and inside there is a little zoo. The waterfall was the first thing you saw and we almost didn't get past it because Macy loved it so much. 
  • Macy loves feeding the goats. Well, she likes watching me feed the goats. I put my quarter into the machine, got the food, fed the goats. Macy runs over to the food machine and points to it with her little grunts. I did it one more time then luckily something else distracted her.
  • This goat was really hungry.
  • Macy is afraid of Pepper, but she's not afraid of goats. We went inside the goat pen to pet them and she walked in like there weren't 20 goats roaming around her. I think she liked the fact there were little brushes for her to brush the goats. She knows everyone has to look their best. 
  • Macy likes to dance in circles now. Every time she heard music she would spin once or twice then smile and clap for herself. I could watch it all day long. 
  • Macy has a lot of family members who love her so much.
  • Tickle fight with Great-Grandpa Seymour
  • She still likes Great-Grandpa Seymour's wooden blocks and now loves to sit in the block wagon while eating the blocks.
  • Wood must taste good.
  • Macy now has her first molar! That took a while and lots of tylenol. 
  • Jill gets squimish when she sees my dad's shoulder.
  • Rotator cuff surgery
  • Macy does not like flights were we have to get up at 5:30 a.m. and have to sit in a middle seat. (More on this story in the next post)
  • Picture taken while on the longest airplane ride ever!

Eating lunch. She gets thirsty.
Eating at the park

Eating frozen yogurt with Aunt Jill. Notice a pattern?

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Chelsey said...

Wow, where have I been? I love this awesome post. Macy is so adorable. What happened to your dad? Was this surgery a long time coming or did something happen during the line of duty? Your dad's rocks in the bucket game sounds masterful! I am going to try that with Truman this spring and summer, I know he will love it!