Sunday, April 17, 2011

My First Weekend Away

I was lucky enough to fly to California without Macy for a weekend. Boy, is traveling without a child so different! I forgot how relaxing life can be.

The happy couple
The purpose of my trip was to witness the sealing of my Grandpa and Grandma Seymour in the Los Angeles Temple. I would have flown around the world to see that if I had to. It was amazing to witness and to see all the friends and family members who were there to support my grandparents. It was also very amazing to see my dad get sealed to his parents. I've never live families be sealed before and to have my first one be my grandparents and dad was pretty special. When I was a child and I learned that I wouldn't be able to live with Grandpa and Grandma forever because I wasn't sealed to them I was really sad. I loved my grandparents and always wanted to be with them. I'm so happy they are now sealed to me forever. My parents, my siblings, and my children are also sealed to them too. Isn't that wonderful?

I actually got to be part of the sealings because I was the proxy for my Aunt Karen who has passed away. Now not only had I seen a live sealing, I got to be part of one too. It was an amazing experience. I don't know how else to describe it. There was not a dry eye in that sealing room. I was so happy that I could help my Aunt Karen be sealed to her parents for eternity.

On the way to the temple that day I had prayed to myself asking Heavenly Father to show me that Aunt Karen would be there at the sealing and I would know of her joy. As I was sitting in the sealing room waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to come in I felt this overwhelming warmth. It was definitely a burning in my bosom. I have never felt the Spirit so strongly as I had in that room. I knew instantly that Aunt Karen was telling me she was watching from above and that she was so happy to be sealed to her parents. I cried because I knew I had received an answer to my prayer and that Aunt Karen was there.

Another special part of the day was my cousin Bryce went through the temple for the first time because he is going on a mission to Alabama. Him and his brother Evan got to be witnesses while their mom was being sealed to Grandma and Grandpa.

That night Uncle Eric (Karen's husband) hosted a party at his house for Grandma and Grandpa so their friends could celebrate with them on this joyous day.

It was such an spiritually uplifting experience and I was so glad I could be there. I would not have missed it!


paulfrancis said...

This was really a great day that has been long awaited. We are glad that we could be there and see the joy it brought to the Seymour and Olson families and to all who were present.

Grandpa and Grandma Francis

paulfrancis said...

Thanks for sharing your testimony of this miraculous event.

Grandpa and Grandma Francis