Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Worst Flight Yet- Crying, Crying, and more Crying

And Macy wasn't the only one who cried.

Our day started off at 5:30 a.m., and a tired baby doesn't help any situation. We were on United which had little planes with very little leg room and very little aisle space. We also had a layover in San Francisco. Strike Three.

A few minutes before we were supposed to board an announcement comes on saying the pilots were on their way. They weren't even at the airport yet! Somehow we still took off on time, but still. There was turbulence soon after take-off in Orange County so Macy had to sit in her seat for longer than normal. She was not happy at all and screamed on the top of her lungs. Both her and I were excited when the seat belt light got turned off so I set her down in the aisle so she could walk around. She has does this on every flight since she could stand. I never let her wander too far without me close. Now I've never had this happen before:

The flight attendant came up to me and said, "She cannot walk around, she has to sit on a seat."

I then said, "But she'll scream the whole time."

"I don't care, she has to sit down."

After this little conversation I went to the bathroom and cried and it wasn't the only time I cried that day.

Luckily we made it to San Francisco and we made our connecting flight. When I originally booked this flight I didn't have to change planes. That was the reason I chose this flight over others. I was pretty upset when I had to change planes. So, Macy and I get onto another United plane with tiny seats and very little legroom only to find I have a window seat! I NEVER would have signed up for a window seat!

I asked the lady who was in the aisle seat if I could change seats with her. I was so happy when she obliged. It turns out she then changed seats with another man in another row so she could sit with her boyfriend. So far it's a man in the window seat and me in the aisle. Well, it turns out she didn't really speak English and she didn't have the aisle seat, she had the middle seat. So when the man comes who has the aisle seat I'm made to sit in the middle. It's a man, me, and another man. Great, this is going to be long flight.

I'll make the rest short. Macy screamed and wiggled and threw things and screamed pretty much the whole flight. I honestly didn't think I would ever make it home. I cried some more and prayed and prayed that Macy would sleep. I knew this was highly unlikely as she hasn't slept on a plane since she was 3 months old. Just as I was praying one final time I looked down at Macy and her eyes were closing. I was so excited! I gave a prayer of thanks. We only had an hour until we landed and I was hoping she would sleep the remainder of the time. However, it wasn't all sweet. I was sitting in an uncomfortable position and my back was really hurting while I was holding sleeping Macy. I was too afraid to move because I didn't want to wake Macy.
She was so tired! I tried to entertain her my taking pictures.

My happiness was short lived because she only slept for 30 minutes. She screamed and wiggled the rest of the flight.

The only funny part of this whole day was when I let Macy play with the diaper wipes. I had gone through all the food and toys I had and she wanted nothing to do with them. She likes taking wipes out of the container so I let her. All, 90 of them. The people siting across the aisle from us thought it was pretty funny to watch and I did too. I may have even laughed. This happiness was also short lived because then she screamed again when they were all out.

We finally landed then had to taxi for a few minutes because another plane was at our gate. Come on! I just wanted out of this terrible plane! It felt like I was in that plane for 3 days.

As we were getting off the plane people were telling me that Macy was a good baby. The man sitting next to me said he had twin boys and after one flight with them as babies people gave him and his wife a standing ovation when they left the plane. He said Macy wasn't that bad. Where were all the encouraging words during the longest flight of my life?!
I was able to capture her one happy moment.

Then (no, the story isn't over yet), I get on the wrong train at the airport so I have to turn around and get back on to go towards baggage claim. I finally make it there and wait for my suitcase. And wait, and wait. It doesn't come. I couldn't believe it! I just had the worst flight and now my suitcase, and more importantly, Macy's carseat, wasn't there! I was moving from frustrated to angry!

Turns out carseats come out at a special place so that was at the airport. Hallelujah! I was worried that Jonathan would have to turn back around and to borrow someone's carseat while Macy and I waited yet again for another hour.

I talked to the baggage lady and my suitcase was put on a different flight. Fortunately that flight was also going to Dulles. United would deliver my suitcase to me the next morning. The didn't offer to compensate or do anything for me. They are the ones who put my bag on the wrong plane! Can you believe these people?!

I totally broke down and cried as I was retelling the story for Jonathan. I don't think I had ever been happier to see him.

We finally made it home and slept very well that night. Before I went to bed I vowed I would NEVER fly United again. There were tiny planes, no leg room, incredibly rude flight attendants, no free food on a 5 hour flight, and losing my suitcase. Needless to say, I hate United.

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Chelsey said...

Oh no, Laura. That sounds like a nightmare. I've only flown United a few times and it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. Andrew hates them. I'm so glad you made it home finally, but sad you had such a rough time. It's crazy how much we are affected by our children...things I wouldn't normally cry about all the sudden I'm crying over because it affects Truman and I have to keep composure for both of us.