Sunday, December 23, 2012

Macy Turns 3!

I cannot believe my little Macy Cakes is three! Where has the time gone?!

We celebrated earlier with Anna's blessing and went to the DeVore's house after to celebrate Macy's birthday with dinner, presents, and cake. Although it stinks having a birthday so close to Christmas, one perk is that we have been in California for her birthday so it's a huge celebration with a lot of family.

Macy absolutely LOVED opening her presents. I thought she would be a little shy having so many people watching her but she went into funny Macy persona. She sure put on a show of being very excited about every present and wearing the clothes she got and holding up each present above her head with excitement. Towards the end she caught on that she was supposed to look for a card first and started asking me if the presents had cards. She made me so happy watching her happiness and excitement. That made me want to celebrate her more often.

Thanks Aunt Stacie! She likes playing with the castle.

Thanks Aunt Kiki for the skirt and headband. She put them on right after opening them.

Got to read the card first.

Thanks Grandma and Little Papa! Macy LOVES the dream light!

Thanks Francis boys for all the stuffed animals.

Thank you Granny Dot and Papa for the princess dresses! She loves them immensely and wears them everyday.

 Thank you great grandma and grandpa Seymour for the playdough!

Thank you great grandma and grandpa Francis for the Snow White legos! They are fun!

Thank you Danielle and Ashley for the tutu and ballerina book. Now Macy really wants to be a ballerina and take classes.

Thank you Aunt Jill for the princess lunch box! Macy loves putting things inside of it.

I love this picture so much. We were poising for it saying "cheese" when Macy, all on her own, put her arms around me and Ja. How sweet is that? She is such a beautiful little girl with a sweet and fun personality. 

We enjoyed Macy's chocolate cake she picked out from Cakery Bakery. Macy also picked out the pink purse idea. We had a lot of fun that night and great appreciated everyone who came to celebrate our daughters with us!

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