Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry, Merry Christmas

First things first, we had to write Santa a letter and make him cookies! Macy was very into Santa this year and reminded me everyday we had to leave cookies for Santa. Lily joined in on the fun. First we made cookies (Hence the removal of the clothes. I think. Otherwise I don't know why they had no clothes on).

Then it was time to write Santa a letter. Earlier in the day Macy called "Santa" to tell him that she was in California at Granny Dot's house so he shouldn't leave her presents in Virginia. It was a very cute conversation.

The final letter

After our traditional dinner of chicken velvet soup in bread bowls we had the first half of our annual root beer tasting contest. Nathan had 30 different kinds this year! We only tried 15 on Christmas Eve. I think Americana was the winner. I liked one named Brownie because it had caramel in it.

We tried to act out the Nativity but Macy tried to steal the show. She saw that someone was going to read a story out of the Bible so she got her own book (from Bill Cosby) and told us about Jesus. Henry got the globe to show us where it was all happening. We couldn't really understand what she was saying most of the time but that served as our Nativity story since some of us dressed up for it.
Macy and Henry teaching us

Nathan and Henry
Before the festivities began

Then it was time to say good night to Papa and leave out the cookies and milk. Macy placed them very carefully right outside the fireplace so he wouldn't miss them. She also made me move the decorative grate that was in front of the fireplace so Santa could get out.

Christmas day was a wonderfully lazy day spent in our pajamas. Tiffany made us a delicious baked french toast with blueberry syrup for breakfast. We opened presents, which took awhile because we had a lot, but we were not in any hurry to get anywhere so it was nice to take things slow.

Slow was good because it took forever to get this doll out of the package! There were so many strings holding her in. Then once I got her out of the box there was a weird hair net that stuck on her hair.

Anna sang Papa to sleep

Macy got the Tangled wedding veil and flowers

Anna took a nice long morning nap so I could open presents with out distractions

Anna and Granny Dot
My sister-in-law Holly made this shirt for Papa. It is a road map of the places in La Canada her kids go when they visit. She also added Hot Wheel cars for the kids to drive around the streets. So Papa (or Ja) get a nice massage while the kids play. Isn't that a great idea?

My Christmas Anna with Daddy

And Mommy

We had a delicious ham dinner that night and had fun being together as a family. It wish Christmas could last a couple of days because it's so much fun. 

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