Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sitting on Santa's lap

Last night we headed to the Alexandria marina to watch their holiday boat parade. People decorate their boats with Christmas lights and decorations and take a leisurely ride down the river.

At 4:15 Santa rode in on a boat and was available for pictures. Macy surprised me and asked if she could sit on Santa's lap. I said of course and we got in the long line to wait for our turn. We were very lucky because they cut the line off right behind us so we were the last in line. Throughout our wait Macy would say, "I want to sit on Santa's lap mommy." I told her we were in line and she would be happy. She was incredibly patient the whole wait.

Once there was only two people in front of us Macy started spinning and jumping because she was so excited. She happily sat right on Santa's lap and had her adorable smile on the whole time. She even told him she wanted a dog! That was the first I've heard of that!

I was (and still am) so proud of my little Macy. She was so sweet and adorable on Santa's lap. Although we waited close to 45 minutes for that one minute on Santa's lap, it was totally worth it. I am so glad I will have this happy memory of Macy on Santa's lap.

We then watched perhaps three minutes of the parade. Macy told Santa what she wanted and was ready to go home. Totally worth every minute.

We think Macy now likes Santa after watching Elf so many times. Now she knows there is nothing scary about him.

On a different note, Macy also pet a strangers dog last night! This is also a very brave thing for her to do. The owner of the dog stopped by us and Macy said, "I want to pet doggie mommy." I was surprised and walked over to the dog and she walked right up to it and pet it. No fear at all. My little girl is growing up!

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