Saturday, December 15, 2012

Macy's 3rd Birthday Party

We had a princess party for our little princess. I made the invitations which we mailed out.

Macy wanted to invite only 4 kids but since there was only 1 boy in that group I invited another so he wouldn't be the only prince surrounded by princesses! It was very nice having a small group.

We had the kids wear their best royal attire. It made for a very cute group shot! Macy loved having all the attention on her. It was her very special day and it was a lot of fun. I didn't understand why parents would have birthday parties for young children but after having this for Macy I realize it's more for the parents. I greatly enjoyed watching Macy be so happy and getting so excited to do all her favorite things with her friends.
Anna was happy at the beginning of the party then slept for the rest of the party.

Macy and her friend "Sleeping Beauty" (Emma)

The group. (Minus Izzy. Owen was a little shy at first and is hiding in the background.)

First things first. Princesses and Princes need crowns. Each child decorated his or her crown using stickers, stamps, crayons, and markers.

Macy is a pro at this so she knew exactly what to do.

The whole group: (from left) Owen, Izzy, Macy, Halle, Oliver, Emma

Owen eventually came out of his shell.

Up next, the princesses got balloon flowers...

and the princes got swords.

The girls all huddled in Macy's castle while the boys fought off the bad dragon. 

No longer damsels in distress, the princesses celebrate.

Ja played the guitar while the kids danced. Of course Macy did a lot of spinning in her princess dress.

Owen and Izzy discovered the fun piano.

Dancing turned into ring around the rosy.

Next it was a great lunch of pizza, apples, blueberries, and Crystal Light.

Instead of me making a cake I make cupcakes and had the kids decorate them. They loved doing this and did a really great job. I had 5 colors of icing and different sprinkles. The mess wasn't too bad either. 

It was cute to watch how intently the kids frosting their cupcakes.

Macy was so proud of her cupcake!

Izzy loved frosting her cupcake too. She spent a very long time at the table putting frosting on her cupcake.

Next we sang Happy Birthday to Macy. She was so excited to have the attention on her and be sung to. She loved every second. Just look at her smile. It's her I'm-excited-but-I-don't-want-to-show-it smile.

Then it was Macy's second favorite part- presents! She loved opening them and getting lots of fun games and toys.

I gave her the light up Cinderella shoes. She loves them and wears them all the time.

Happy 3rd Birthday Macy! You're growing up so fast and we are very proud of the wonderful girl you're becoming! You make us smile everyday and you amaze us with your funny and sweet personality. We look forward to having many more birthdays with you! We love you!

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