Sunday, December 23, 2012

Anna's Baby Blessing

We blessed little Anna London on December 23rd in the La Canada First ward. This was a joyous occasion for a few reasons:
  • it was Macy's 3rd birthday as well 
  • since it was in California a lot of my family was able to attend
  • it was the Christmas program
  • and my Grandpa Seymour was in the circle for his first baby blessing. 
I love that Anna was blessed on Macy's birthday. Not only will I remember the date of it but Macy was blessed on Ja's birthday. Hopefully someone can be blessed on my birthday next.

Anna looked precious in her white dress and was very quiet the whole blessing. In the circle with Ja was: Papa DeVore, Papa Seymour, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Nathan, Uncle Randy, Great Grandpa Francis, and Great Grandpa Seymour. We are very blessed to have so many family members love our little Anna. The chapel was also very quiet so I was able to hear the whole blessing. This would not have happened back in Virginia as our ward has lots of little babies. Ja blessed Anna with the gift of faith and that she will know that her earthly family and Heavenly family both love her. My mom held her for the rest of the meeting and got Anna to sleep. She was a perfect angel as always.

After church we headed to the DeVore's for birthday dinner, cake, and presents for Macy. (I'll post more on that later). Anna was passed all around and I don't think I held her the rest of the night. Aunt Stacie even put her pajamas on for me. I love that other family members love her and that she loves them back.

We took some group shots at the house because it was drizzling outside after sacrament meeting. The funny memory I'll have of these pictures is Macy made a funny "aaaaaahhhhh" noise the whole time. She wasn't happy about having to sit still for a picture but at least she wasn't crying. She also helped us all to smile with her funny noise. As soon as she ran out of breath she'd start up again.

The whole group

Now with Greg

Great Grandparents

Our little family

DeVore grandparents

Both set of Grandparents. Macy is actually smiling and Anna looks like she has something to say.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Seymour

A candy cane was keeping Macy somewhat happy. Anna didn't care at all- she liked all the pictures.
We love you Anna and you were wonderful on your special day! I'm so happy to be your mom :)

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