Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Macy's 1st Disneyland Trip

When we found out how much it would cost for Macy to go to Disneyland once she turned 3 we knew we had to go before when she was still free. December 19th was the day!

We woke up early to leave and be at Disneyland when it opened. Macy was still a little groggy in the car so the drive down was quiet and traffic was light. She was super excited just to ride the tram from the parking garage to the front gates.

We headed to California Adventure first to see the new Cars land. It was pretty cute and I felt like I was walking through Radiator Springs. Ja did the single-rider line for the Cars ride while Macy and I did a few other rides. Then we walked around the Cars area. Then I rode the Cars ride while Ja took Macy on the ferris wheel (and changed her wet diaper that got pee on his jacket and her pants somehow).

This is us on the Luigi's Tires ride. I love the concept of the air hockey style floating tire. We had a great time making our tire run into the side walls. 

I wanted a picture of this little tractor because we had just read a Cars book with the tractors. Macy didn't want to be in the picture so I had her take one of me (from the stroller because she wouldn't get out).
Then she thought it was funny to take a picture so she wanted me to take one of her.

We knew the Disneyland castle and princesses would be Macy's favorite so we headed over to the main park. I asked Macy what she wanted to do first. See the castle and princesses of course! We went straight there.

 Ja had a keen eye and spotted Macy's favorite princess by the wishing well. I think Cinderella is her favorite because it was the first one I introduced her to. She was my favorite when I was a kid.

Macy was so excited to be in line to see Cinderella!

Here they are! Macy could have sat there all day with Cinderella.

 Macy showed Cinderella her jacket that has a picture of Cinderella on it.

The wicked queen from Sleeping Beauty was also at the well. She was great, accent and personality.

My grandma and grandpa Francis were able to meet us at the park. They saw Macy see Cinderella and took pictures too. My grandpa printed out the pictures and gave them to us the next time we saw them a few days later. Macy put them by her bed and looked at them every night while she would go to sleep.

Macy also loved Autopia. I let her do all the driving so we bumped the curbs and middle bumper a lot. She loved driving and wanted to do it again. Unfortunately we had to wait for the fast pass time so she wasn't happy about that. 

We rode a few more rides with my grandparents then ate lunch. They had to leave then to miss all the traffic going home. It was fun to have them there!

As we were walking away from lunch towards It's a Small World, we noticed the Matterhorn ride was a 90 minute wait. Ja said, "Who would wait that long for a ride?" A minute later we passed a little plaza with 4 princesses. Macy saw them and had to go see them. Guess how long the wait was. Yep, 90 minutes. You do whatever your precious children want you to do. When we got in line there was Belle, Tiana, Ariel, and one other I can't remember. There was a cast change and Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, and Jasmine came out. So Macy got to see all the princesses! She was in heaven. It was so precious watching her face light up at meeting real life princesses.

Sleeping Beauty (that was her real hair)

Cinderella. Macy was so excited to see her twice

Snow White

Jasmine. Macy doesn't know who she is- just that she loves her because Jasmine is a princess.
Macy surprised us by liking to see the big characters. We heard Daisy would be coming out of the big red door at 4 o'clock so Macy went to the door and started calling for her. Indeed Daisy did come out!

Macy looks a little scared to see Goofy but she was very excited to see him.

There is a little roller coaster in Toon Town Macy said she wanted to ride. The line wasn't long so we waited in line. I figured we would get to the front and Macy would get scared. She sat down on the ride and Macy said, "We scream mommy?" I told her we could scream. As soon as the downhill part started Macy leaned in to me and started crying, or so I thought. I felt so bad that I had her go on this roller coaster. I held her tight so she would know she was safe. After it was over she looked up and me and said, "Mommy I screamed!" I was so relieved that she was just screaming for fun rather than crying. I was so proud of her for going on her first roller coaster, before she was 3 years old!

We also did the Haunted Mansion because I had never seen it done up for Christmas. It was fun, although Macy thought it was a little scary ("Too dark mommy. Can't see"). We dragged Macy around all night in the cold because we had to wait until close to 9 for our Haunted Mansion fast pass. After that was over she said, "I go to Granny Dot's house and go to sleep." She was conked out in the car within minutes.

This was Macy's souvenir for the trip. It's a light up Tinkerbell light. She loved it so much. She sat in the stroller and watched the lights go round and round all the way from the Winnie the Pooh ride to our car. That's a long way!

I had such a fun and memorable time with Macy at Disneyland. Ja and I thought that Macy may not remember her first time going but we will. I loved watching the amazement and awe in her eyes at all the new places, rides, and princesses. She is so sweet and was great the whole day. I know now why people save for years so they can take their family to Disneyland and spend thousands of dollars doing it. The look of pure joy on their child face is worth every penny. I hope we will be able to take Macy, and Anna too, to Disneyland again one day. Disneyland is a magical place!

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