Friday, December 7, 2012

Ward Christmas Party

We had our ward Christmas party this Friday and it was really fun. It was a Tacky Christmas sweater party and Ja won third place! I got his black and silver metallic sweater in the women's department :) I thought my shiny gold sweater paired very nicely (in a tacky nice of way) with Ja's metallic black sweater. Macy had a cute and more traditional Christmas sweater with a Christmas scene on it which included a little girl, a tree, and presents. Anna was also very cute in her gingerbread outfit.

We had a good dinner while being entertained with musical numbers performed by people in the ward. They also had people bring hot chocolate, cider, and wassail for us to drink. There were cupcakes that the kids could frost and decorate too. After the performances we all sang "Santa Claus is coming to town" and wouldn't you know it, Santa appeared! Macy was very excited shouting, "It's Santa! Santa is here!" And even though she sat on his lap last weekend she was too scared to do it this time. Eventually Ja sat on Santa's knee with Macy on his lap.

Ja held Macy and Oliver during the musical numbers
 We tried to take a family photo but as you can see Macy wasn't having it. Then she saw her friends sitting on the stage for a picture and asked if she could do the same. Ja had walked off some where so I only got Macy. Then I got Macy to hold Anna and an adorable picture was born.

That night I noticed Macy rubbing her eye a lot and that it looked pink. My fears were confirmed the next morning when she woke up with green goop in her eye. Then again when I took her to the doctor. She has her first case of pink eye and an ear infection. She hadn't been complaining about her ear so I'm glad we caught it before it got worse. She hates the idea of the medicine and drops but actually does very well with them. She was also very brave at the doctors office. She only cried once for a little bit when the nurse wanted to weigh her. But she didn't cry at all when the doctor was checking her.

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