Monday, December 31, 2012

The rest of our Christmas vacation

We spent 3 whole weeks in California for our Christmas break. It was wonderful to spend so much time there since we had a lot of family that wanted to see Macy and Anna. We were able to visit both our parent's wards too. Ja and I both got the flu (mine was much worse and lasted a week) so it was nice being able to take time out to be sick and still feel like we had enough time to visit.

 Macy and Anna did great on the flight to CA. It ended up being 6 hours so we were very grateful. Macy loved listening to the TV with her new pink headphones.

Since we were in California for so long we were able to fit in time to see some old friends, Colby and Becca Gage. She is having baby #3 so she came in for an ultrasound and we hung out at the house that night. Sam and Macy are only 3 or 4 months apart and had a good time playing. 
This picture makes it look like Macy is in love with Sam. She was very sad when he had to leave.

This was some "guitar" thing Macy discovered at the house. For the first few days we were there she "played" it to a singing Frosty the Snowman. She eventually started dancing when she played. It was hilarious. She even carried it on her lap the whole drive down to Disneyland.

One of my favorite things was having Macy be with Lily again. They were so cute together and started playing again like they had never been apart.


My mom gave Macy this dress for Christmas so I had to take a picture of Macy in it for her. Isn't her little ankle cross so cute?
Since Macy had her picture taken she wanted Anna to be in a picture too.

On this night the adults (minus Greg and Dorothy who watched the kids, thanks!) went to see the Donny and Marie Christmas show at the Pantages. I had never seen them in a show, not really at all actually. The show was awesome and had me laughing tears. They are great entertainers. My parents and Jill were able to join us.

We also got to meet our newest nephew Ryan. He is only a month older than Anna but twice her size. He's a happy and adorable baby.

Macy had a great time playing with her cousins. Henry is very kind to her and was very good at playing with her.

I also loved all the people who were able to help with holding and feeding Anna. I love knowing that other people love my children too.

Anna is zonked out.

Macy and Charlie had a fun time hanging out of New Year's Eve.
Papa also joined in on the fun. Although now it looks like the kids aren't having fun anymore.

Then Papa had a lot of fun feeding Anna! 

Uncle Darin sent Macy a Tangled birthday card. Macy went to get the mail with Dorothy and was looking through it when she spotted the pink enevelope. She instantly knew it was for her (who else would be getting a pink starry envelope in that house?) The card had flashing lights and sang a song. She loved it and stared at it for quite awhile pressing the button over and over. Uncle Darin knows how to win her heart.

I have no idea what possessed Macy to do this. She put all the toys in the room all on top of the chair and wouldn't let us clean it up.

Macy and Anna were able to spend so much time with their grandparents. It was nice to spend one on one time with both sets so they could really see how great our girls are :) I love this picture of Macy reading to Granny Dot and Anna. Doesn't Anna look so enthralled with the story?

Enjoying books in bed with Aunt Tiffany

This picture needs explanation. At my parent's house we had gotten the Halloween costumes down for some reason . Macy saw this white beard in there and wanted my dad to dress like Santa. Remember I mentioned how she really liked Santa? She also made him wear the white gloves which are actually women's princess gloves. The funnier part is next time we went to their house she wanted him to dress like Santa again so he made a beard out of paper and string to appease her.

Wouldn't Anna look so cute with pigtails? Aunt Stacie found this headband in the costume box.

Macy was such a good helper with Ryan and Anna. She loved reading to them. Someone moved Ryan and she got really mad because he was reading to him.

We went to Pasadena to view the floats from the Rose Parade. That was really fun and I'm glad we did it since I have never gone to see them up close before. 
Macy took this picture of me.

This eye would open and shut and Macy was mesmerized. 

I thought the Cat in the Hat float was cool.

Of course the Cars Land float was cool.
Macy wanted to "text" so I opened up an email for her to write at Granny Dot's desk.

Macy loved playing with Aunt Tiffany's old dolls and Barbie toys. 

The weather was a little cold at first. I know it's winter but it's also Southern California so it took us by surprise. Towards the end of our trip it was warm again so we headed to Montrose Park. Macy and I had a ton of fun.

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